DIY Paint a kitchen table

by Tania Wannenburg

A kitchen table is the one surface that will get the most traffic of any piece of furniture in your home, and since it gets the most abuse it must be extremely durable. To paint an old wood table with success you need three things working together – a primer that blocks stains and also sticks like super glue, an extremely durable paint with a hard finish that can withstand the banging of bowls and plates, and finally, a layer of protectant.

Tutorial by centsationalgirl.com:

Tutorial – How to paint a kitchen table

What you’ll need to paint your own wood kitchen table:

  • orbital sander
  • medium grit sanding discs
  • foam roller
  • high quality angled paintbrush
  • medium grade sanding wedge
  • respirator
  • bonding/stain blocking primer
  • enamel based paint
  • cotton rags
  • clear paste wax.



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