This tiled table is simple to make, but it’s engineered to hold up in any weather. All the materials are available at home centers, you don’t need any special tools to make it and you’ll save lots of money by making it yourself. Plus, these tables make a beautiful addition to any deck or patio.

Tutorial by the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine:

Tutorial – How to build an Outdoor Mosaic Table

Tools & Materials needed for this project

  Steps included in the tutorial:

Step 1: Overview
Step 2: Make the bending jig, tabletop core and full-size leg template
Step 3: Shape the steel legs and mortar the cement board to the top
Step 4: Waterproof the disc and finalize your design
Step 5: Tile the table edge
Step 6: Tile the top
Step 7: Fasten the leg assembly to the table and grout the tabletop