DIY – Ombre Walls in 4 Easy Steps

by Tania Wannenburg

The New Year is all about new beginnings, so why not kick it off with a fresh new look for you home? With Medal Paints wide selection of colours and finishes, re-vamping and re-decorating is made easy. Our Medal Premium Paint Range and Medal Quality Paint Range all come with a guarantee so your look will last for as long as you want it too. A fun, creative way to do so is to apply the Ombre Colour Trend we’ve been seeing in the hair industry all year round, to the walls in your home. You can choose you paint colour from our standard colour range, or we can mix any colour for you that you can dream of. This Ombre trend brings a unique dash of colour and vibrancy into your living area.

Here’s how:
1.    Select Your Colours – The first step to creating your new Ombre-style wall is to decide whether you want a single colour Ombre (One colour that gradually fades to white) or a multi-colour Ombre (which consists of a dark shade, a medium shade and a light shade). If you opt for a multi-colour, you can either choose three shades of the same colour or three slightly different colours that blend together well (e.g. red, orange and yellow).

2.    Gather Your Supplies – Once you’ve planned your colour scheme you will need to purchase the paint and other supplies.
You will need:
•    Painters Tape
•    A Tray
•    Roller
•    Paint Brushes
•    Sponge
•    Medal Paints Primer or Undercoat
•    Medal Paints Acrylic wall paint

3.    Preparations – Whether this is your first DIY project or one of the many you’re working on or have worked on, chances are you’re pretty excited to get started but you won’t be satisfied with the end result unless you prepare the walls properly.
•    Begin with wiping down the wall to remove any dust and debris.
•    Sand down any rough spots.
•    If necessary fill any holes.
•    Apply a coat of Primer to create an even, solid base for the paint to adhere to.

4.    Getting Down To It – Now for the fun part, painting the colour onto your walls!
•    Start by painting the entire wall with the lightest shade you’ve selected.
•    Then paint the bottom quarter of the wall the darkest shade.
•    Mix the medium and darkest shade together for the section of the wall immediately above that.
•    Paint the final section with just the medium shade. Make sure to leave about a quarters worth of space at the top of the wall with the lightest shade showing.
•    Blend the colours together with a dry paintbrush or sponge until the lines seamlessly blend together.
And there you go! Your Ombre-style wall made easy. You don’t have to be a gifted artist to pull off painting your wall with the Ombre trend, all it takes is a little time, effort and Medal Quality Paint!

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