DIY Mixing Different Metal Finishes

by Darren

If you would like to mix different metal finishes in your home, here are some guidelines for making sure the metal finishes in your home look cohesive instead of a collection of mismatched items.

Most homes have many visible metallic objects – appliances, plumbing fixtures, lamps, lighting, door knobs, bathroom hardware, cabinet knobs, picture frames, furniture hardware, and more.  People often like to keep just one metal finish per room or throughout an entire home to make their decor feel more consistent. 

Stick with Just Two
When mixing different metal finishes in the same room, most designers feel that it is best to stick with just two metal finishes instead of three or more. Of coarse there are some homes that break this rule beautifully, but the rule works in most cases.  The more metal finishes you use, the harder it is to make them feel cohesive.

When introducing a new metal finish to a room, do not use it in only one place.  Try to repeat the metal element in at least one other place in the room, unless it is a large focal point such as a copper tub or gourmet range.

Door Knobs
All interior door knob metal finishes look best when they are the same color throughout the house for consistency.

Kitchen Appliances
If using metal finish kitchen appliances, try to use the same metal finish throughout the kitchen.  One exception would be a gourmet range used as a unique focal point.

Plumbing Fixtures
Plumbing fixtures can be different metal finishes in different rooms in your house, however they should be the same metal finish as each other in the same room.

If you have cheap builder grade items in your home that you want to change the metal finish (but can’t currently afford to replace), you can paint them (such as bathroom hardware and shiny gold metal).

Source: www.interiordesigninfo.com

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