DIY Lace patterned coffee table

by Darren
lace table

Repurpose an old kitchen table with a new lace look!

Tutorial via spoonfulofimagination.com:

Supplies Needed:
A coffee table in imperfect condition.
You’ll also need lace (enough to mask the entire table)
Spray paint

Step 1:
Cover the top of the table with lace and secure the edges underneath with masking tape.

Step 2:
After making sure all the edges are secure, spray the legs a solid color to make the top pop even more!

Step 3:
Begin spray painting over the lace about a foot away, covering the entire table.

Step 4:
Let the paint dry for about an hour on a warm day.

Step 5:
After it’s dry, slowly begin peeling the lace back to reveal your beautiful new table!

This technique is also perfect for creating a pretty journal cover, a suitcase or making a pretty piece of art to frame. Enjoy!


lace table steps

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