DIY Jewelry Organizer

by Darren

Hanging cutlery trays from the wall makes a unique way to keep jewelry organized.

You’ll need:
cutlery trays (bamboo preferably)
Pack of rubber coated hooks
About 2 cans of white spray paint

Step 1:
Spray each of the trays white. 2 coats each.

Step 2:
Decide which jewelry you want where then drill pilot holes before screwing the hooks in.
Bamboo is a very hard wood so it won’t expand to accommodate the size of the hook’s screw. If you just screw in the hooks the back panel will start to crack.

Step 3:
Screw the tray(s) to the wall using an anchor and a screw. And then you can start hanging the jewelry.
You can install some hooks off the bottom to hang LONG necklaces.

Source: www.maillardvillemanor.com

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