Not sure what to do with those 2 old wire hanging baskets? Then why not make a Fairy light globe?! We’ll show you how…



  • 2 x wire hanging basket frames with chains removed
  • 4 x cable/pull ties
  • can of silver spray paint
  • fairy/christmas lights.
  • pliers

Step 1:
Remove chains from the baskets. Fasten the two baskets together with the cable ties to create a sphere.
Cut the tails off of the cable ties. Spray entire sphere with silver paint. This isn’t all that necessary but when the lights bounces off the baskets it looses its former image of the ‘hanging basket’ when it is painted.


Step 2:
Wrap the fairy lights around the sphere in every different direction. The small light globes will stop the wire from slipping. Wrap until you have used all and only the fairy lights.


Step 3:
Use a length of chain and hook from one of the baskets to attach the globe to the roof of your patio/pergola/etc.