DIY Door Shelf

by Tania Wannenburg
doorshelf before after

Use your shelf made from a door as the focal point/statement piece in a room.

Tutorial via craftaholicsanonymous.net:

Tutorial – DIY Door Shelf


door, circular saw, screw driver, screws, 13-90 degree metal L brackets, sand paper, door knob.


  1. First, cut the door in half using a circular saw. {draw lines and measure twice!}
  2.     Secure the two door pieces to be at a 90 degree angle using clamps and a helper.
  3.     Screw in 5-90 degree metal brackets to the back to hold the 2 pieces together.
  4.     Cut 4 shelves out of particle board to fit the measurements of your door.
  5.     Secure the shelves in place using 2-90 degree metal brackets under each one.
  6.     Sand any rough edges with 200 grit sandpaper.
  7.     Change the door knob, if desired. TIP: only putting one side of the door knob on so that the corner shelf can sit flush with the wall.
    Otherwise, you would have to leave room between the wall and shelf to allow for the knob.
  8.     Paint and distress the door as desired. 

mantel party shelf 025 

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