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by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex spirit bathroom

Discover which core element of life – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water or Spirit – defines who you are and find your perfect floor.

Belgotex Floors’ new Lifestyle Collection embraces the colours and textures of the five elements of Life – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Spirit.

These elements reflect our deepest character and influence our preferences – from colours on our personal palette to our favourite pastime, the type of holidays we enjoy – even our emotions.  

Sometimes we are one, sometimes another, often we have elements of all of them.

Belgotex Floors have created their very special Lifestyle Collection to ensure you’re always in your element.

Take our “Journey of Discovery” to reveal the core element that defines who you are and discover your element of style.

Spirit is ethereal. It is balanced, authentic, instinctive and intuitive.  It is perfection and purity. It is loving and giving, metaphysical and spiritual. Spirit is a tranquil haven – a peaceful space filled with beauty and perfection of design. It is neutral palettes and soft interiors, accented with individual subdued colours.


Air is lightness of being. It is intelligent, imaginative, quick-witted and amusing. Air values freedom, appreciates the abstract and sees the big picture. Air is high open spaces, contemporary minimalism, soft decor palettes, light accessories, industrial finishes and original art. Air is uncluttered, simplistic and functional. Air is the Home where you go to breathe.


Water is ever-flowing. It feels deeply and loves fully. It is dreamy and inconsistent, like the tides. Water loves flux, loves motion. It is easygoing and can be bubbly or mystical. It is nautical themes and beach decor, always cool like a driftwood sculpture, a flowing water feature or picture of wild waves crashing on a wall or seashells draped over a kitchen chandelier. Water is the soothing sanctuary where you go to relax and recharge.


Fire is the passion that brings about change. It is perceptive and creative, dynamic and impulsive. Fire is energy and enthusiasm, and is excited and inspired by new situations and places. Fire is a living home, eclectic and exciting, a collection of many exotic journeys. It is texture and tones, vintage and contemporary, relaxed and unusual, a carefree style.


Earth is all about the simple things in life. It is real, honest, rooted, nurturing and peaceful. Earth is honest and loyal, approachable and friendly, and loves laughter. Earth follows the heart and cares for the environment. Earth is creative, rich and textured. It loves the outdoors. It’s about cosiness and charm and character and warmth, a balance of the old and new. Earth is memories in old, rustic furniture, mix-n-match decor and the colours of autumn. It’s exposed roof beams on raw brick walls, milk cans filled with potted herbs. Earth homes are filled with memories, love and dreams.


The Lifestyle Collection is a very special collection, featuring eleven fashionable floors inspired by the unique colours and textures of the five elements.

Whether you are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water or Spirit, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect floor that’ll fit perfectly into your life and make you feel right at home.

You’ll find the perfect fit in your favourite shade of carpeting from nine different carpet choices. Once you’ve discovered which element defines you, choose between the soft, sumptuous luxury of new Elegance, Bella Vista or Heather Twist cutpile carpets or opt for the chunky, convenient comfort of Cobble Ridge, Habitat, Timeless, Portrait, Stoneridge and Country Living.

If sleek ‘n smooth is more your style, two sleek and sophisticated vinyl ranges – Charleston luxury vinyl tiles and Toledo cushioned vinyl sheets in trendy timber tones or cool, contemporary colours will provide stylish, waterproof surfaces suitable for any room in your home.

To discover your unique element go to www.inyourelement.co.za

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