Directing LVTs away from Landfill by transforming waste into eco-bricks

by Ofentse Sefolo
Directing LVTs away from Landfill by transforming waste into eco-bricks

Evalution Flooring has teamed up with Recycle 4 Africa Waste Management (R4AWM) to recycle LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) offcuts and uplifts by transforming them into eco-bricks, pavers and potentially other re-usable products in the future. This sustainability project will encourage zero waste in the LVT flooring market.

Eva Kaiser, founder of this GreenTag Certified vinyl flooring supplier, comments: “Up until now there had not been a way to recycle the vinyl because of the many layers that make up the product. The first brick has been made completely out of recycled waste, including plastic that can’t currently be recycled and would have landed up in landfill. Unlike other eco-bricks, no sand or cement has been added. The brick has been tested and was found to have no leaching and no emissions. It also has a compressive strength of 15MPa – higher than the average 5.2MPa of concrete bricks. Plus, it is fire and rodent resistant. The product will soon be tested officially by the National Home Builders Registration Council to obtain certification for use in the building industry.”

According to Eva, there is plenty of LVT in the country and Evalution Flooring is currently working on how to move all the material to a central point without adding to the carbon footprint of the project. “To start with, we are investigating where the skips are taking the material and identifying whether there could be a dedicated skip for this specific purpose. Once this has been established we would then need buy in from business owners to ensure that the left over material is not dumped, but rather earmarked to be recycled, ultimately for us start producing more eco-blocks.”

This is a great starting point for Evalution Flooring to receive the necessary materials for their products whilst contributing to sustainability. In the interim, they are also exploring how to finance this massive project.

“Long-term, it would be ideal for companies to combine their feedstock, and for R4AWM to provide them with containerised waste management units which house all the necessary equipment to process LVT waste, enabling them to manufacture the eco-bricks on site. By providing companies with this technology, we hope to minimise all facets of waste, and divert it from landfill sites,” comments Debbie Sharp, Director of Waste Management at R4AWM.

Grahame Cruickshanks, Managing Executive: Market Engagement at Green Building Council South Africa, says that it is through such initiatives that the industry is inspired to think innovatively about how to use waste differently and gainfully. “Over the past eleven years, Green Building Council South Africa has been on a sustainability journey to advance the transformation of the South African built environment and construction sectors and it is encouraging to mark this Green Star Rating for internal finishes with Evalution Flooring,” adds Grahame.

For more information, contact Evalution Flooring via www.evalution.co.za.

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