Dining by design

by Darren

The quirky, creative interior of the First Base pizza concept store creates the perfect setting in which diners can build their own pizza or salad.

The quirky interior of the First Base pizza concept restaurant in Milnerton, Cape Town, creates the perfect setting for a personalised, casual dining experience.

With a healthier take on fast food, First Base allows diners to build their own pizza or salad by selecting their ingredients from a range of toppings that include minimal processed ingredients and lots of fresh produce, along with options such as cauliflower bases and a selection of fresh juices.

To match this tailored dining experience, First Base commissioned Inhouse Brand Architects to bring the premises to life. With a basic brief to include the principles of honesty, openness and creativity – appealing to the millennial diner – Inhouse director, Aidan Hart, and senior designer, Jenine Bruce, conceptualised a space that reflects the unique nature of the First Base concept.

Crafting an experience
Inhouse started with a desert colour palette of muted hues, reflected in the leather used for seating and the grey of the planters on the tables, to create an interesting interior scheme that accentuates the focus on fresh ingredients.

Adding a twist of fun and creativity to the space, the striking arrangement of custom-made pentagonal tiles, in muted shades of orange, green and blue along with grey, white and brown, cascades along a feature wall and over the central part of the flooring. To counterbalance this strong visual feature, the rest of the flooring consists of simple timber vinyl.

Steering synergy
A large timber box with directional lighting forms an inviting entrance to the restaurant and creates a bold statement as diners walk in. The warm oak is also reflected in a number of the counters which are topped with silver-grey marble.

The woodfire pizza oven, painted in the muted orange of the First Base signage and juxtaposed against black mosaics, is the heart of the restaurant.

Mindful of First Base’s emphasis on simplicity, the open-plan layout reflects the brand’s premise of being open about what goes on in the kitchen and allowing the customer to be part of the process. However, to distinguish between the kitchen and dining areas, a grid-like multifunctional black and timber shelving structure is used to display glasses and crockery.

Communal dining in the form of long, solid oak tables makes up most of the dining area, with additional tables and seating along a blue slatted wall illuminated by custom lighting.

Watch this space
The Milnerton restaurant, situated at The Paddocks Shopping Centre, is the pilot of a number of branches for the company, each of which will boast the standout features brought to life in the first one.  

Full thanks and acknowledgment are given to Inhouse Brand Architects for the information given to write this article.

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