Digitising technical info for a consistent brand experience

by Madelein
Digitising technical info for a consistent brand experience

Polyflor has partnered with a Stellenbosch-based technology company called CLEVVA to deliver a digital version of Ask Denver called PolyPro. The tool will help staff diagnose any need and offer expert advice that only someone with deep knowledge and experience in the industry could previously offer.

The company realised that in order to scale its business, it would need to be able to extrapolate the technical and environmental knowledge in which their solutions are delivered to a wider scale. Knowing that it takes new hires well over two years to reach the levels of expertise required to offer clients specialised advice, combined with the fact that the company’s founder, industry doyan Denver Coleman is nearing retirement, the idea of capturing Denver’s 50 years of experience into a digital expert that could be accessed 24/7 made perfect sense.

Tandy Coleman comments: “In order to ensure a long-term, successful outcome for every customer, our sales teams need to consider a huge range of variables and factors before proposing a specific solution. Previously we’d hire people from within the flooring sector, as this would speed up the onboarding process. However, by relying on product knowledge, these sales people generally reverted to learned habit selling instead of identifying their clients’ needs. It was a bit of a catch-22, because to offer advice you need the product and technical knowledge but to gain this knowledge takes years.”

Polyflor can now scale and their customers can be assured of a consistent experience, irrespective of who they deal with. CLEVVA’s digital expert will guide staff members to ask the right detailed questions, offer the right solutions and recommend the right technical actions – all via the digital expert accessible on their laptops.

For more information, visit www.polyflor.co.za email marketing@polyflor.co.za or call +27 (11) 609 3500 to speak to Blythe or Wendy.

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