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1.    Delving deeper into parquet wood flooring
The art of parquet flooring involves the use of block patterns rather than solid planks of wood. They are easy to install and the patterns you can achieve are not only numerous, but provide instant texture and interest to a floor. Along with parquetry there is also a resurgence in its design-cousin marquetry (parquet patterns are entirely geometric and angular, while the use of curved shapes is usually associated with marquetry), which allows for custom-made designs and inlays that are unique.

2.    Contemporary Traditional Parquet Patterns – Herringbone
There are several parquet patterns that have been the traditional design choice over the centuries. The most popular of these is the herringbone pattern, which can either be laid with the notch of the “v” of the herringbone lengthways along the room, or set at a diagonal to the room. Slight variations on the herringbone are the double herringbone, where there are double blocks of wood in the distinctive interlocking pattern, and the chevron, where the ends of the blocks are cut off at an angle. Designers still use these traditional parquet patterns, but are adding a contemporary spin to bring them up to date, for example, using unusual types and styles of wood, using larger-sized basketweave tiles or staining the parquet with a very dark brown and then adding a super-glossy seal.

3.    What is Artistic Parquet?
Artistic parquet is a catch-all phrase for the vast array of wood inlays, borders and medallions that can be created for a wood floor. It is also increasingly being used to describe wood floor tiles that feature curvier, floral marquetry designs too. The key to making artistic parquet flooring work in a contemporary setting is to keep the rest of the space as simple as possible, so that the interest of the floor is not lost but rather becomes a feature that adds to the overall feel of the room.
Source: www.homeflooringpros.com

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