Designer vinyl

by Tania Wannenburg
Design Floors Dryback Jnl 4 16

New vinyl brand, Design Floors from MacNeil is set to make its mark on the South African flooring industry.

The Luxury Vinyl Plank range, Design Floors from ivc Group, is one of the two new brands available from MacNeil’s new Flooring Division.

According to MacNeil, the installation of Design Floors Dryback is straightforward and follows the same guidelines that apply to all quality resilient floors. They can be laid on concrete, cementitious screed, anhydrite (calcium sulphate), timber and ceramic tiles, which have been suitably prepared.

They can also be used with traditional water-based underfloor heating and cooling systems, however, electric wire systems are not recommended. MacNeil highlights that these floors are only suitable for in-house installation. “Good preparation is essential for a trouble-free installation and is vital for an excellent floor appearance and tile adhesion,” MacNeil explains. “The finished appearance of a Design Floor will be as good as the quality of the base over which it is installed. Any irregularities in the subfloor will show through the finished floor.”

Apart from ease of installation, Design Floors offer several other unique benefits in that they are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens or any areas exposed to moisture due to their moisture resistant wear layer. This specific wear layer combined with the PU layer also makes them scuff and stain resistant. Consequently any spots or shoe marks can be removed quickly and effortlessly. Stability of the Design Floors is unsurpassed in the South African market due to its unique double fibreglass layer that maintains dimensional stability – a very important factor where LVT is concerned.

As far as air quality is concerned, all Design Floors adhere to the German AgBB standard, one of the strictest quality standards in the world. Adhering to this standard also ensures that these floors will not harbour dust mites or any other allergens, making them a safe option with regards to allergies.

As a result of this floor’s construction, its numerous benefits and visual appeal, MacNeil is both excited and proud to introduce this product to the South African market.

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