Renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola, created a one-of-a-kind interior setting showcasing the BMW 7 Series using the Northern Lights as inspiration. The exhibition, called “Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence”, opened at BMW Welt in Munich and a special feature is the 320m² unique pattern floor that Patricia designed with 3D printing techniques from design-tech company, Aectual.

“Design is an evolving concept. It is always related to the values that surround you. The perception is fundamental,” says Patricia.

Dutch automobile designer and BMW Group’s Design Director, Adrian van Hooydonk, comments: “Patricia Urquiola is an industrial designer that we have known for a long time. What I love about her work is that the products she makes are exquisite. They are luxury, but also very warm and personal. For me, design is a combination of art and engineering. In industrial engineering, we have to solve many problems, but we want to solve them like an artist. We want to create an object of desire.”

Adrian says that when he first saw Patricia’s ideas for the floor, he enjoyed them because they were different from what he was used to seeing. “The floor is very traditional – Italian terrazzo – but the way that she has applied it is very high-tech because it was created using digital printing.”

Patricia created an interior setting showcasing the BMW 7 Series, the first-ever BMW X7, as well as the 8 Series line-up, which was designed by Adrian. Patricia composed an interior using her signature furniture, iridescent steel curtains and bespoke 3D printed flooring. For the custom-made 320m² floor, Patricia designed a wavy white pattern with a dark green and white marble terrazzo infill. Aectual, which produces 3D printed pattern flooring out of bio-based plastics, created the floor.

Patricia says that things are designed to connect with the user and that Adrian was part of the project from the beginning.

“The land of furniture design and cars are getting closer and closer. Every day cars are becoming nearer to the places that we live in. Luxury is a kind of freedom.”

Today, luxury means having time, says Adrian. “For a company like BMW, the products that we make actually help people enjoy their personal time to the utmost. BMW is always exploring new possibilities of mobility and we are always open to new ideas and collaborations.”

The exhibition theme perfectly fits Aectual’s vision for the future, where unique building products are 3D printed in a sustainable manner.

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