Designed to customise & personalise

by Tania Wannenburg

An LVT product that offers an enormous range of options regarding colour and texture while being well suited for heavy-traffic areas.

An LVT suited for heavy-traffic areas that can withstand a lot of wear and tear can be found in iD Inspiration 55/70 Click from FISA, the South African agents for international flooring company Tarkett.

This product comprises planks and tiles with colours and designs that can be mixed and matched. In fact, there are over 75 000 potential combinations of colours, dimensions, surface textures and bevelling that can be used to customise one’s desired flooring solution. So too, every aspect of a project can be personalised by using feature lines and matching skirtings. It should also be noted that all of these designs are available in 0.55 mm and 0.7mm wear layers.

From a functional point of view, iD Inspiration 55/70 Click offers excellent dimensional stability and is both time and cost efficient as a result of its easy maintenance attributes. For the entire duration of this product’s lifespan, it will never require wax or polish treatments as a result of its TopClean XP PUR-reinforced surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Further benefits of this product are its unrivalled indoor air quality and improved footprint. These advantages and numerous benefits add to the quality of this floor, clearly demonstrating how the combination of innovative products and the inclusion of technological advancements results in a floor that performs well in heavy-traffic areas.

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