Design tools for SANS-compliant fenestration

by Darren
Design tools for sans compliant

Crealco’s design and assurance tools for SANS-compliant aluminium and glass fenestration are also Agrément-certified.

The South African building regulations require installed fenestration products to meet energy-efficiency, structural and safety glazing standards as prescribed in SANS, whilst property owners’ main criteria when selecting aluminium windows and doors are that they must be trendy, durable and safe.

Wispeco Aluminium’s Crealco brand combines both sets of criteria with its innovative aluminium products and free, Agrément-certified software design tools. The Crealco tools do all the relevant SANS calculations based on tested actual performance values to ensure project compliance and durability.

A whole window/door U-value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) calculator, U-Solve includes SANS 204 calculations and reports per floor, as well as budget pricing per square metre and project. It is the only Agrément-certified design software that includes orientation and shading coefficients, various glass types from local glass suppliers, and that does accurate SANS 204 designs and reports for council submission.

The calculator allows designers to optimise projects by playing around with all the variables on any window or door. The input data is confirmed by SAFIERA Hot Box (SANS 204) and AAAMSA (SANS 613) testing, thereby allowing designs with actual performance values instead of conservative SANS 204 default values. In addition, U-Solve checks for and advises on SANS 613 & 10400: N – Safety Glazing and Structural compliance.

Crealco FPD (Fenestration Performance Declaration)
This tool offers project-specific compliance assurance for installed Crealco products. Since architects, home owners and other building professionals would not necessarily know whether the products installed were in fact those specified, they can ask for a project-specific, uniquely numbered and online verifiable FPD from an aluminium fabricator and installer.

The FPD confirms Agrément certification, that genuine Wispeco material was used, that fabrication workmanship was done to specification that the glazing and installation adhere to industry guidelines, as well as maintenance requirements. This ultimately enables the design professional to sign the Certificate of Compliance as per SANS 10400: A with confidence.

Crealco product matrix
This one-page selection guide groups all Crealco products into four categories, namely the Home, Mansion, Mall and Tower ranges, to simplify the selection of appropriate windows, doors, screens, shutters, balustrades, facades and more for specific building projects.

Electronic literature and catalogue
Crealco is continuously expanding its literature on Autospec and Revit, and has libraries available on budget pricing, U-values, SHGC, Revit families and CAD Symbol. An electronic catalogue that includes these literature as well as brochures, product manuals and more, is continuously being updated to assist architects or fabricators with technical information and drawings.

Wispeco, through its Crealco drive, incessantly identifies evolving industry needs to create or improve design tools and products. This makes it easy for professionals to design and specify products, and assists fabricators through Agrément-certified Starfront to supply compliant and durable aluminium and glass products.

More information on prevention, cleaning and maintenance guidelines will soon be available on the new Crealco website.

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