Design services ensure safe, feasible site installations

by Darren
Design services

Terrasafe is a design service that was included in Terraforce’s service portfolio three years ago.


Despite a long global recession, Terraforce has been able to maintain, on average, continuous growth. The company has been implementing a sustainable and ethical business model for 35 years and is proud to be able to report a steady and positive business outcome.

One of the ways in which Terraforce has been able to grow their business is by providing a multitude of information to their customers. While this strategy can encourage imitators, they usually don’t persevere due to a lack of commitment to and knowledge of the product. An unfortunate side-effect is that they often leave disappointed customers in their wake and another dent in the reputation of the industry in general.

In order to empower customers, Terraforce has been offering a design service called Terrasafe since 2011. Terrasafe is a service that provides first-class engineering, management and specialist technical services to users of any of the Terraforce products.

Clients who wish to receive Terraforce wall designs from Fred Laker, an engineer specialising in this field since 1997, need to provide the following input regarding their requirements:
•    Geotechnical report and/or density tests, if available.
•    Photographs of the site.
•    Completed Terraforce questionnaire for gravity, composite or terraced walls.
•    Any information on previously proposed designs involving other methods.

The requirements and technical data are then processed, analysed and approved before receiving one or more cross-section designs that can be applied to site. This approach has worked successfully for various projects, past and current, in South Africa and other countries.

In response to increased requests for on-site supervision and professional indemnity insurance, Terraforce added these to the Terrasafe portfolio. The cost for the extra assistance will naturally be higher and is based on a percentage of the Terraforce project value.

The above service is currently only available for installations that can feasibly be managed from Cape Town, but in time may be extended to other centres in South Africa and overseas, in association with engineers who are based near these sites.

So far, Terrasafe has, and currently is, specifying Terraforce products for building sites in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Chad, Australia, India, Spain, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and the UK.

Tel: 021 465 1907
Fax: 021 465 4047
Website: www.terraforce.com

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