Design is at the core of carpeting trends

by Tania Wannenburg
Design is at the core of carpeting trends

RSA trends in the flooring market impact how products are sourced and supplied.Design is still at the heart of how consumers choose floor coverings. While price, durability and availability are all important factors, new innovations and products are what drive the industry forward.

At Top Carpets and Floors, the team travels internationally, peruses leading design magazines and actively seeks feedback from customers to help them identify what consumers are looking for. Another macro trend the company looks at is how space is being used differently today and into the future, both residential and commercial spaces and where the two intersect, such as retirement properties and home offices.

Safe flooring that aids mobility
One of the products that will always remain important is lower pile carpets that allow for safe mobility as people age. These denser types of carpeting help people who use walkers and wheelchairs to move safely across the surface. Because many elderly people also have hearing and visual impairments, carpet is the preferred choice for flooring because it absorbs more sound than hard surfaces.

Flooring for pet owners
As many as four out of five households in South Africa own a pet and many of these pets are indoor pets. Pet X treatment was developed as a result of this growing trend and it is just one more example of how Top Carpets and Floors never stops looking for inventive ways to provide customers with a range of beautiful, high performing floors to meet their varied needs.

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