Design-engineer quiet office interiors

by Ofentse Sefolo
Design-engineer quiet office interiors

An office should be a place where employees can focus on getting their work done in peace and quiet. However, in multifunctional offices acoustic design is crucial to allow conversations, collaboration and brainstorming sessions to happen in close proximity to people working on focused, individual tasks.

Aluglass Bautech offers various solutions to permit such flexible office environments.

Flexible room layouts
Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions allow interchangeable room layouts in meeting rooms and boardrooms, or within open-plan offices. In fact, subdividing rooms this way means that meetings can be held adjacent to one another in complete privacy. When not required, the partitions can be moved on an overhead track and positioned to one side. Systems up to 52dB Rw (55dB STC) and 12m in height are possible.

Top-hung Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions allow flexible room layouts within Merck’s open-plan offices.


Doors that contain fire and noise
The Varikust® Acoustic Fire door is the ideal solution for any emergency exit or office room door. Not only is it fire-rated, but the VK62F has a 43dB acoustic rating and the VK105F has an optional 48 or 51dB acoustic insulation rating. Interestingly, the VK 105F is the biggest class D fire door tested in SA.

Acoustic glass partitioning
The GF Serene® Acoustic demountable and re-locatable partitioning system was designed for creating quiet office spaces within open-plan applications. It is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. The GF Serene range easily integrates with Varikust® VK62 acoustic doors and Variflex® VX83 mobile acoustic walls.

Decorative noise absorption
Absorption panels firstly reduce unwanted reflections and echoes in hallways, reception areas, staircases and offices, with noise reduction coefficients (NRCs) ranging from 0,5 to 0,85. Secondly, they complement Aluglass Bautech’s innovative range of acoustic products and can be integrated into the Variflex® system.


Glassflex® specialised glass solutions include aluminium framed windows. Courtesy of HBS

Functional glass

Glassflex® offers a turnkey glass and glazing solution with a number of products in this range giving architects and designers the value-add of quality, functionality and durability. The product range includes fixed flush-glazed facades, frameless glass doors, flush-glazed curtain walls, aluminium framed windows and doors, sliding folding doors and more. Aluglass Bautech has also partnered with HBS to provide optimal framed aluminium solutions.

Sun control
Solux® Technical Sun Control solutions can be applied either internally or externally, and can be either fixed or retractable. Made from high-quality imported material from Europe, Asia and Australia, operational systems can include manual, motorised or remote control options. Advanced time regulation or sun sensor systems are also available, and blind operation can be integrated into the building management system using SMI motors and KNX control automation.

Solux® technical sun control solutions for internal or external applications.


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