DERBIT “on the MARC”

by Ofentse Sefolo
DERBIT “on the MARC”

Demanding long term durability, sustainability and high performance waterproofing needs, DERBIT SA was called on to supply both product and support for structures, landscaping and paved areas throughout the MARC precinct, previously known as Village Walk.

DERBIT SA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IMPERBEL Belgium, who has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality, internationally acclaimed waterproofing since 1932.

Designed by Boogertman + Partners, the architects and contractors were looking for a durable waterproofing system with a proven track record for the prestigious MARC development.

“These specific DERBIT waterproofing membranes were chosen for their certified abilities in longevity of service, durability, 15-year insurance-backed warranty and local success on previous projects,” says Harland Dix-Peek of DERBIT SA.

All areas that required waterproofing at the MARC were done by Derbit SA using their Bitumen Membranes.


Exposed roofing
DERBIT SP-FR 4mm dual-reinforced membrane was used for exposed areas. The membrane is composed of a specific bitumen blend, modified by noble polymers, as well as two distinct reinforcements – fibreglass and non-woven polyester. The fibreglass gives it perfect dimensional stability and heat and ultraviolet (UV) resistance, while the non-woven polyester resists impact and tearing. DERBIT SP-FR roofing membranes are 100% recyclable, require no maintenance coating and have a proven lifespan of 40 years. Perfect for unprotected roofs, there is no need for gravel ballast or extra protection.

Landscaped areas
DERBIT SP-AR (Anti Root) 4mm dual-reinforced bitumen membrane was selected for the planters and landscaping. In addition to the qualities as described for the SP membrane, DERBIT SP-AR has anti-root chemicals added to allow for resistance to root invasion.

Professional installation
Having successfully completed several projects using DERBIT waterproofing membranes and carrying the quality label Derbit-Approved Contractor, Quake Seal was appointed as waterproofing subcontractor to complete the installation.

Tel: 0860 DERBIT (337 248)
Website: www.derbit.co.za

Benefits of DERBIT® membranes:
– Highly durable – proven to last more than 40 years.
– Can handle both jobsite traffic and thermal shock.
– Dimensional stability.
– Long-term solution.
– Fire retardant (Broof t2).
– UV and heat resistant.
– High-grade APP polymers.
– Anti-root option for planted roofs.
– 100% recyclable.
– Gold 15-year full product warranty.

Caption main image: Photo courtesy of Guestyn & Horak

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