Den Braven Sealants

by Tania Wannenburg
Den Braven Sealants

As a market leader in sealant technology, Den Braven continually strives to remain as a customer focused company by offering quality product solutions and services that exceed our valued customer’s expectations. Den Braven South Africa services industries including DIY, construction, glass, glazing, aluminium, automotive, manufacturing, paint and industrial markets.

Our range includes silicones, acrylic and polyurethane sealants, Polyurethane foams, high strength adhesives, technical aerosols, SPUR & MS sealants. A passive fire protect range is also available in South Africa which includes a FP silicone and FP acrylic sealants, FP hybrid joint sealant and a FP Foam. The Den Braven Group established in 1974 have grown to 8 manufacturing plants globally which produce and distribute millions of sealant cartridges, adhesives, foams and technical aerosols every year. Den Braven South Africa is a registered member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, South African Bureau of Standards Technical Committee and the Fire Protect Association of South Africa.


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