Demountable walling makes sense moneywise

by Tania Wannenburg
Demountable walling makes

Movable walls are quick to install and allow for a tax depreciation allowance.


“Let’s face it, change is inevitable. Companies grow, companies downsize, technology evolves, budgets tighten, employees come and employees go. Needless to say, every business needs to keep pace with an ever-changing work environment,” says Julie Knowler, marketing manager at Able.

She points out that movable or demountable walls not only install quicker than traditional construction drywall methods, but they also allow for a tax depreciation allowance. Under section 11(e) of the Income Tax Act, No. 58 of 1962, demountable walling may qualify for a depreciation allowance.

“If you intend for your walling to be flexible and have the option to change it over time to suit your requirements, your walling will not form part of the fabric of the building but will exist as an article in its own right,” she explains.

In this regard, according to Knowler, Interpretation Note No. 47 (Issue 2), dated 11 November 2009, provides specifically for demountable partitions, as opposed to furniture items, with a proposed write-off period of six years under the straight-line method, which is effectively 16,67% per annum.

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Demountable walling TABLE

“Able offers leading, flexible and reusable walling solutions to the market to create great places to live, work and play. The walls are fully demountable and movable, allowing you to move and change your walls as your business needs change,” Knowler concludes.

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