Need to fill the cracks for a smooth and attractive textured surface?

Smooth ‘n Patch cementitious repair and smoothing compound is manufactured by Technical Finishes – manufacturers and suppliers of construction products to both industrial and commercial markets.

Smooth ‘n Patch was designed as a fast-curing, high-strength repair system for use on concrete floors that need to be levelled and fixed with minimal downtime. Over the years, Smooth ‘n Patch started to be used as a concrete floor overlay screed because of its durability and flexibility, which then led to its being used as a floor finish.

It then went on to be developed into a more decorative finishing system with different colour mixtures that allow end-user clients a choice in what their concrete floor should look like. 

Although Smooth ‘n Patch has been used extensively over the years, it was never a true self-levelling product even though it exhibited self-levelling properties. Once Smooth ‘n Patch was allowed to cure and was sealed a number of critical ideas were highlighted. Clients wanted their concrete floor to look smooth throughout and uniform across the entire surface. It became apparent that there was a demand for a system that could be spread over the Smooth ‘n Patch at a minimal thickness to provide a coat that would fill any blemishes. Consequently, Nanoscreed was born, which used the Smooth ‘n Patch product as the backbone.

Nanoscreed took the benefits of strength and flexibility of Smooth ‘n Patch coupled with outstanding flow and levelling properties, and added these to a system capable of being applied at less than one millimetre in thickness. The result is a filling coat that not only hides any inconsistencies but provides a concrete finish that is durable, attractive and almost marble-like once fully cured.
Nanoscreed is capable of filling any cracks, holes and trowel marks. It is also self-compacting and creates a very dense surface with a smooth, consistent look across the entire floor surface. It is available in colours in accordance with the Smooth ‘n Patch colour range with an application versatility of up to one mm.

Nanoscreed has been trial tested by a large construction house as a smoothing underlayment prior to application of vinyl tiles and carpeting and shows excellent performance on concrete screeds that need only to be scraper coated to fill and fix surfaces blemishes. Nanoscreed has also been made in a pure white version, which has been applied to an existing Smooth ‘n Patch White screed, and then steel floated once slightly dry to create a marble-like finish. The steel-floated surface shows trowel burn marks to give it character and looks like polished marble.

Nanoscreed is a product with many uses and provides the client with the attractive and smooth textured surface that is ideal for the decorative flooring market. Its reputation has resulted in it being used for OCD Cocktail Lounge in the Core Shopping Centre in Sunninghill.