Decorative wall coverings

by Darren
Decorative wall coverings

In open-plan areas, it is necessary to create points of interest and use wallcoverings to make an impact, according to Maria Cowie, COO at Pure Design.

“Wallpaper has made a comeback in the last couple of years with fantastic options. In the past it was very boring and corporate, but now one gets beautiful textures that give depth and dimension to the interior, or they can be custom made,” she says.

The wood look
John Almon of The Tile House mentions that wood has always been a popular choice for finishes and with the advent of digital printing any type of wood, with authentic grain and knots, can be mimicked in ceramic or porcelain and used in virtually any setting.

Marble and stone
Marble is another popular trend that can be copied in tile format. “Natural stone and cement patterns can be replicated almost exactly by creating many different tile faces instead of repeating the same pattern,” explains Almon.

“Local designers are very up to date with international fashion trends and corporate projects reflect these.”

Colour palette
“Grey has been popular for the last couple of years and is enhanced by cement-look tiles,” adds Almon. “Currently designers stick to minimalistic colours, either paring similar colours or mixing them with white.”

Feature walls
Patterns are another way to create interest, whether it is décor tiles mixed with plain or adding different shapes to the mix. “Using them to create a feature wall in an open-plan office or in a reception area works well,” says Almon.


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