For many residential and commercial project designers the prospect of creating unique and tailored wall covering solutions can be daunting, especially when wallpaper is the only option. However, a new and innovative solution is now available, and not only does it make for much easier and seamless installation, but also offers the same exclusivity achieved with wallpaper but at a fraction of the cost.

Interior styling and paint technique specialist, Pigs Can Fly Interiors, has recently made headlines with its offering where a specialised paint technique is used to mimic the effects of wallpaper.

Specialist and authentic

Originating in Europe, the technique and equipment that are used by the owner and design specialist, Marilize Jacobs, are based on the principles used in France. She says: “Our equipment is imported directly from France, which offers our clients an authentic product that is more cost-effective and durable than traditional wallpaper.”

Even though traditional wallpaper is a great product, it is expensive and typically application starts at R120/m², which excludes the cost of the paper. “Our pattern painting service starts at R200/m² to R220/m², which is an all-inclusive service.”

“We feel that this product is ideally suited to the cash-strapped South African consumer who still wants to create flair and a bespoke finish in his offices or at home,” she concludes.

For more information, contact Pigs Can Fly Interiors:
Tel: 082 418 6767

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