Decorative mosaics inspire creativity

by Ofentse Sefolo
Decorative mosaics inspire creativity

Do you decorate a home for you or for a future owner? This is a key question which will determine a set of actions that you decide to take in terms of design and any possible alternations.

But if you want a home and not just a house, you just need to forget about that elusive “future owner” and create a home that you enjoy.

Mosaics add personality

A house becomes a home when it reflects the personality of the family who lives there. And nothing says “personality” quite like decorative mosaics.

Decorative mosaics have became symbols of status and wealth in the magnificent hotels and private mansions of the very rich and fabulously famous of the 19th century.

And then, ordinary people began to flex their decorative muscles – and let their personalities flow into their living spaces.

The rise of the middle classes, “liberty, fraternity and equality” and freedom of expression became the new consciousness. Mosaics came home. And the rest, as they say, is history. The pattern of our lives changed forever.

5 mosaic highlights:

1. The mosaic addiction.
There are no limits to decorative mosaics in the home. Embellish a feature wall or a supporting pillar, a floor, a shower dado or the entire shower. Mosaics can also prettify a pool’s steps or surrounds.

2. The kitchen backsplash.
Now that kitchens have become the great home hangout space, a little creativity can go a long way to add charm and personality.

3. Room accents.
Whether you decide to decorate a feature wall, a set of pillars, a part of the floor or even a window or fireplace surround, mosaic adds a bold accent that a new set of scatter cushions can never achieve.

4. Mosaics vs tiles or paint.
A tiled wall gives a wonderful expanse of one seamless texture. A feature painted wall does the same thing, but on a slightly more eye-catching scale. But when you really want to make a statement, mosaics are the ultimate expression of creativity and personal flair.

5. Endless options.
We have curated arguably South Africa’s most marvellous mosaic gallery from the best mosaic manufacturers the world has to offer – local and international; patterned patchwork and plain; bright, colours and naturals; slate stone, stainless steel, mother-of-pearl, wood, screed-look and eco-glass; hexagonal, octagonal, herringbone, fish scale, teeny tiny micro-mosaics, mini-subways, pebbles and texture combos; modern, classic, traditional, Victorian, Spanish, folksy, arty-farty and bohemian. The options are endless.

Mosaics are multi-functional and can transform the look and feel of any room.

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Main image: Different shapes and sizes and varying degrees of the same colour make this wall mosaic decoration both striking and unique.

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