Decorative flooring used to showcase supercar

by Tania Wannenburg
Flowcrete Jnl 3 14

A decorative flooring solution that will enhance the showroom of an international supercar.

82m² of Rustik, the decorative flooring solution from global resin flooring manufacturers Flowcrete, was installed in BAC’s new Liverpool / UK showroom. BAC is the British manufacturing company behind the Mono supercar which has been given a platform for success in its new showroom with a glistening black floor that evokes the sophistication of this ultra-high-performance vehicle.

The chosen Flowcrete flooring creates a natural marble effect with a sleek lustre and light-reflective finish. This system was identified as the ideal surface to display the exquisitely engineered, high-tech supercar, in large part due to its ability to combine functionality with aesthetics.

“The Mono is an extraordinary product of engineering and it deserves to be showcased in an environment that conveys the quality of the car,” says Craig Blitenthall, Managing Director of Flowcrete South Africa. “The finished showroom looks fantastic, and the glittering black floor provides a great backdrop for BAC to showcase the car to clients and visitors. In many ways our decorative floors emulate the ethos of this supercar – both are products that simultaneously combine exceptional performance alongside an eye-catching appearance.”

The Rustik range of decorative flooring solutions is made from colourful pieces of marble encapsulated in a clear resin, giving an attractive, slip-resistant finish that’s durable enough to withstand continuous foot and vehicle traffic without deteriorating.

BAC intends to export the Mono, with plans in the pipeline to open showrooms in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. This growing company has put Flowcrete solutions on the specification list for all of these upcoming projects to ensure luxurious, high-end flooring is part of the surroundings in all of its locations.

A tailor-made Flowcrete display stand has also been created for BAC to exhibit its supercar at trade events. As such, wherever the Mono supercar goes in the world, Flowcrete is supporting it with a bespoke floor that conveys the car’s high-quality image.

For more information go to: www.flowcretesa.co.za

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