Decorative epoxy beautifies hotel

by Tania Wannenburg

Robust & beautiful decorative epoxy terrazzo from Flowcrete South Africa specified for Century City Hotel.

Flowcrete South Africa has recently completed a stunning flooring project for the new Century City Hotel in Cape Town.

The brand new hotel required decorative flooring for both its reception and dining areas, which would be of particular importance due to their prominence in the building and the fact that a hotel’s reception area is one of the first areas of the building that visitors will see, which means that it needs to create a great first impression on arriving guests.

280m2 of Flowcrete’s premium seamless resin terrazzo flooring system, Mondéco Earth, was specified for the project and was completed over a period of two weeks by the resin flooring specialists’ approved contractors. This product is a decorative epoxy terrazzo floor finish, consisting of durable flint and granite aggregates and is best suited for application in environments where appearance, cleanability and durability are of paramount importance.

Flowcrete South Africa worked with the hotel’s architect to develop a colour and style that would tie into the hotel’s contemporary cosmopolitan interior design scheme. A bespoke, dark grey colour was developed for the project to create the desired aesthetic. Due to the robust nature of the Mondéco range, the floor had to be able to maintain its visual impact and easy-to-clean finish despite heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning and exposure to spillages of food and drink.

Before embarking on this installation, the substrate had to be brought up to class 1 standard, this was particularly challenging as the edges of the surface were in a poor condition as a result of the nosing that had occurred previously.

During installation, Flowcrete’s expert contractor partners had to work around other tradesman on site, introducing some unique challenges that were always solved on the spot and executed flawlessly.

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