Decorative concrete solutions for your next project

by Ofentse Sefolo
Decorative concrete solutions for your next project

Local concrete additives company CHRYSO Southern Africa has a decorative concrete product range that adds to the aesthetic value of a concrete construction project.

Transform concrete into seamless granite
CHRYSO* Granicrete* transforms a concrete slab into a continuous seamless granite surface. This product is ideal for new concrete projects where a non-slip sanded effect is desired. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great option for outdoor areas such as terraces, pavements and walkways as it gives horizontal surfaces a warm, natural look.

Create exposed aggregate concrete
The CHRYSO Deco Wash range of surface-retarder emulsions are used to create exposed aggregate concrete. This range is resistant to high temperatures, and the CHRYSO Deco Wash Pico micro-surface retarder is best for a homogenous sanded effect.

Luminescent concrete
CHRYSO Lumin P and P+ can help you create luminescent concrete. It contains particles that glow brightly in the dark for up to 10 hours.

Pervious and coloured concrete
The range of products for new concrete developments also includes pervious and coloured concrete solutions, namely CHRYSO EasyDrain and CHRYSO Colour.

Create a mineral effect
In the concrete renovation range, CHRYSO’s millimetric Béton Ciré creates a high-quality mineral effect for contemporary and durable interiors and can be applied on floors, walls, furniture and worktops.

Milimetric coatings
The CHRYSO Texture Top* solution is just 2mm thick, making it ideal for applications such as esplanades, pavements, terraces and paths. It provides a new textured surface over old concrete and has an anti-slip coating and excellent mechanical resistance.

For more information, contact CHRYSO Southern Africa +27 (11) 395 9700 or via za.chryso.com.

*CHRYSO, Granicrete and Texture Top are registered trademarks.

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