Decorative cement imprinting for walls

by Tania Wannenburg
Decorative cement imprinting

Decorative imprinting provides a unique way of enhancing wall coatings.

While decorative imprinting is typically associated with adding texture and beautiful finishes to cement floors, similar stamping and texturing techniques can be used to enhance vertical surfaces too.

The biggest advantage of imprinted cement wall coatings is versatility. Imprinted cement coatings offer flexibility in the size of individual units in the pattern, which can easily be tailored to suit the dimensions of the wall. Since the size and shape of panels and patterns are customisable, vertical imprinted coatings offer more design options than prefabricated materials.

Enhancing wall coatings
Cemcrete’s cement-based wall coatings can be applied onto any properly prepared wall surface and the range of wall finishes are designed to go on thickly without sagging, allowing them to be enhanced with off-shutter joints, brickwork lines, textures, wood-grain patterns and many other carved or imprinted designs created with special stamps, imprinting mats and sculpting tools.

These cement wall finishes take the impression of stamps well and is easy to sculpt or carve. They can also be worked around corners and fitted into narrow areas.

Available in a plethora of natural colours, Cemcrete’s wall coatings can be pigmented or stained in just about any colour imaginable in order to match the surrounding decor or replicate the natural colours of the materials they simulate. The overlay depth can also be varied, depending on the pattern or look desired.

A unique look
Cemcrete products are hand-applied by trained independent contractors. This lends an exciting, unique aspect to the product since each hand has its own technique and character. Even from the same hand, one will seldom get an identical finish.

Although the product may be the same, the movement of the trowel, the mixing ratio, the temperature and the style of the contractor all add to the individual flair of the final finish. This means that every interior wall application will feature an exclusive work of art.

Cemcrete also believes that a finish should mature over time and take on a life of its own – developing shades and growing into a natural-looking creation. The final outcome is intended to be a finish with natural mottling and subtle movement, which adds to the adaptable earthy aesthetic of cement.

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