Decorative cement finishes on custom-designed walls

by Darren
Decorative cement finishes

Cemcrete’s cement products can be used to create custom-designed, colourful and textured facades.


From foundations to finishes, cement can be used throughout the entire building project. Cemcrete’s product range has been designed to cover all areas of the construction process, giving design professionals a one-stop shop to find all the cement products they need for their designs.

Cement finishes
Some of Cemcrete’s most popular product ranges includes finishing products, which include versatile finishes for floors, walls as well as swimming pool coatings. The cement finishes are available in a variety of colours, as well as everything from textured to smooth finishes. The combinations that can be used are endless and can be coupled with other materials such as brick, wood or tile to create a unique final look.

Preparation products
Cemcrete also offers a range of building materials that can be used to prepare spaces. Cemcrete’s EIFS BaseCoat application is an innovative and cost-effective product that can be applied to polystyrene structures and building facades in order to create custom shapes with the lightweight polystyrene material (which is then set with Cemcrete’s EIFS BaseCoat). This application over polystyrene has been successfully applied to major building facades that have stood for over four years without falter.

The abovementioned application can also be used to create wall units, shelving, vanities, counter tops and water features. Custom designs can be cut to size and shape, coated and then finished with decorative coatings.

BaseCoat can also be applied on top of tiled walls prior to the decorative finish to create a smooth and even surface where the grout lines do not show through. Once applied, one of Cemcrete’s decorative wall finishes, such as SatinCrete, can be used to create a smooth and beautiful wall finish in your choice of colour.

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