Cutting-edge use of steel awarded

by Tania Wannenburg
Cutting edge use of steel

Multichoice City, nominated by Global Roofing Solutions, won both the architectural and cladding categories at the Steel Awards 2015.

The Steel Awards 2015 was a culmination of an exciting year for Global Roofing Solutions (GRS) after the Multichoice City project won both the architectural category and the inaugural cladding category at the awards function on 3 September.

The new category was proposed by Dennis White, director of the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA). GRS is one of the founding members of the association and the sponsor of this category.

Underslung cladding
Probably one of the most visible cladding installations in the country, the underslung cladding to the peak cap feature, providing shade over the western facade of Multichoice’s new headquarters, is to a 12m cantilever which is tapered from the support end to form a narrow tip.

A clear winner to the judges, they commented: “Hanging underslung cladding is a process not for the faint-hearted. It is exceptionally difficult to do well, especially with the hidden fixing type cladding used on this project.”

Works of excellence
Apart from the multi-award-winning project, GRS also nominated three other projects in the cladding category:
–    The Covenant Fellowship Church International in Richards Bay.
–    Cell C’s head office in Midrand.
–    St Peter’s School.

Architectural use of steel
In selecting Multichoice City as winner of the architectural category, the judges commended the use of steel across the building, which showcases modern technologies associated with the client’s business strategy.

Features highlighted were the dramatic cantilever peak cap, which is stabilised by a tubular bracing network, the curvilinear tubular steel structure that supports the glass louvres and mechanical actuators, as well as the filigree steelwork which played a vital role in creating a “crisp, modern and elegant office building”.

While the steel industry is experiencing many challenges at the moment, the advanced and inventive ways in which steel was applied in this award-winning Multichoice City project, as well as the other winners and nominations, afford a silver lining for the use of the material in construction.

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In brief:
Project: Multichoice City, Randburg
Roofing profiles: Klip-Lok 700 and Brownbuilt underslung
Roofing installer: Cladco Projects
Architect: GLH Architects
Consulting Engineers: Pure Consulting

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