When the aesthetics are a crucial part of the brief, pursuing innovative and sustainable solutions in architecture and design can be challenging. The BIBO express and BIBO bar offer environmentally friendly drinking water solutions.

Boiling water on demand

If walls could talk, they’d be begging you for a BIBO express, cutting-edge, wall-mounted water boiler, which ensures zero waste of water, power and time. Its advanced technology instantly boils water, as it is dispensing, only using what you need. With a sleek design and versatile installation options, the BIBO express is well suited for homes, offices, canteens and pause areas.

Running hot or cold

The BIBO bar uses state-of-the-art filtration and purification technology to provide pure, healthy and great-tasting boiling hot and chilled water. This countertop eye candy is plumbed in line for an endless water supply, ensuring you save time, energy and money while being kind to the planet.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the BIBO express and BIBO bar stand out as benchmarks for the future of water. Incorporate BIBO’s solutions into your next project to lead the way and show your commitment to our planet.

For more information, contact BIBO:
Tel: +27 800 00 BIBO (2426)
Email: hello@bibo.co.za
Website: www.bibo.co.za

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