Plascon Nuroof Cool is a cutting-edge roof paint that combines performance, beauty and potential cost savings with a giant leap in green technology.

Plascon Nuroof Cool with Herotech Enviroshield™ formulation is a breakthrough in paint technology. Not only does it protect your home from the harsh South African climate and environmental pollutants, it reflects at least 30% of the sun’s harmful rays off the roof.              

This allows for potentially lower energy consumption, because by scattering the sun’s heating energy back into the atmosphere, the heat doesn’t build up inside the home and doesn’t have to be cooled to make it comfortable.

In addition, lower roof temperatures mean less stress and strain on the coating and the roof, promoting longer roof life. 

“As a coatings company, Kansai Plascon is acutely aware of the impact that paint has on the environment,” says Carol Ras, marketing executive for the Plascon Premium Plus brands.

“Nuroof Cool was locally developed using the innovative Herotech formulation of Enviroshield™,  reinforcing Plascon’s position as a leader in the production of environmentally advanced paints,” Ras says.

“More importantly, it allows end-users to make environmental choices to ensure the sustainability of their homes in a world where environmental concerns are a real threat,” she says. “And what’s more, users can actually cut down on energy consumption and save costs too,” she adds.

The Nuroof Cool formulation increases the solar reflectance characteristics of the paint. The total solar reflectance (TSR) values for each colour were tested in an independent laboratory and have shown that the coating reflects more than 30% of the sun’s rays.

The product was tested on a special test house, where the interior air temperature was monitored and the temperature reduction calculated.

“During the tests, 16 steel houses were fitted with temperature probes to monitor the internal air temperatures throughout the day, and under these test conditions we found that the interior temperatures dropped by up to 8⁰C *,” said Ras.

She says that exposure testing has demonstrated that the reduced surface temperatures actually reduce the amount of paint degradation – caused by heat – while the ultraviolet damage is also reduced.

“The combination of these factors makes the Plascon Nuroof Cool coating much more durable,” Ras says.

Radiation from the sun comprises ultraviolet light, visible light and invisible infrared wavelengths, and on most roof surfaces, an enormous amount of the sun’s energy is transferred from the surface of the roof to interior spaces.

“If not properly maintained, cement, tiled or galvanised materials are damaged by the sun, and this damage is compounded by the acidic elements in the atmosphere,” says Ras. “That’s why it’s so important to maintain a roof and use the right materials when painting it,” she adds.

Plascon Nuroof Cool is South Africa’s only roof paint to carry a 12-year product quality guarantee.

“We have so much confidence and faith in this new technology that any home painted with Plascon Nuroof Cool will carry the guarantee, which will be transferred to the new owners of the home if it is sold,” says Ras, adding that Plascon products are backed by Plascon’s 125-year heritage in South Africa.

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*Temperature deduction is dependent on the type of roof material, its construction and insulation.