Customising patterns and fades

by Ofentse Sefolo
Customising patterns and fades

Finding extraordinary decorative tiles that are both fashionable and inspiring has been an ongoing passion for Douglas Jones. They stand out from the rest as they offer a uniquely South African creative assembly department. This is where the magic happens and where Douglas Jones concentrates on designing and creating bespoke patterns, fades and mixes for every client.

The end-result – clients aren’t limited by their imaginations! To make their dreams a reality, 20 staff members are dedicated to making sure their clients’ patterns, mixes and fades are made perfectly and dispatched timeously. This is what truly sets Douglas Jones apart.

The direction of the square designs creates the illusion of a 3D wall with movement.

Douglas Jones
Tel: 021 706 7251
Website: www.douglasjones.co.za

Main image: A beautiful representation of Nelson Mandela making use of key products supplied by Douglas Jones.


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