Painted, ceruse and high gloss woods are a thing of the past. Instead, consumers of customised flooring are looking to products that have been developed to enhance, protect and ensure the longevity of the flooring material selected.

Top of mind are those products that offer a natural and sustainable solution while being best suited to the flooring material and application used. One of the lesser known in sustainable flooring product solutions is ProNature, who manufactures locally with European expertise since 1997.

They offer consumers plant-based and truly environmentally friendly alternatives, as their products are all free from petro-chemicals, synthetics and harmful ingredients, while being suitable for both internal and external applications.

Wooden Floor sealing solutions
ProNature Indoor consists of a blend of plant oils that have been specifically selected to protect, impregnate and optimally tint timber, preserving the beauty of natural wood flooring organically.

Pine, oak and other types of wood tend to darken and yellow quite substantially, but this can now be countered by using ProNature’s range of sealers, which have been designed to enhance timber’s freshly sanded colour. ProNature Indoor “Natural Light” or “Splash of White”, which both act as an “invisible” sealer, offering quick and easy application, with only 6 hours between coats. Maintenance requires no sanding. Simply clean and reapply one coat as required.

Stone Sealer for cementitious flooring
ProNature Rock is a specially formulated, oil-based, penetrating quality stone sealer giving long-lasting protection to all interior and exterior stonework, terracotta tiles, clay & lime plaster, slate and face brick.

The benefits of ProNature’s Rock sealer were demonstrated in a recent project. Used to seal Crete & Walls Creations’ Coloured Overlay, this plant-based finish tinted “Splash of White” completely preserved the light, mottled look. It was accessible in as little time as 12 hours after its application. This sealer is recommended in high traffic areas as it can easily be spot repaired.

ProNature’s products include cleaners, which treat stone or timber surfaces while removing all bacteria and dirt, naturally.

Become more environmentally conscious and visit ProNature at for more information on their beautifying, plant-based floor finishing solutions.

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Tel: +27 21 556 1238, WhatsApp: 067 329 8943
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