A leading South African grocery and convenience franchise recently needed a custom flooring solution for one of their flagship stores in Pretoria. The unique specialist flooring had to serve a dual purpose. Not only did it have to be aesthetically functional, it also had to be durable enough to withstand the continual daily volumes of foot and trolley traffic.

Technical Finishes, leading suppliers of specialist industrial and commercial flooring solutions for industries such as the food and beverage sectors, recommended their Polyscreed GHF Terrazzo.

This unique 10mm polyurethane terrazzo floor screeding system, with customisable aggregates and background colours to suit the needs of designers and architects, provides maximum flooring performance with both decorative and aesthetic appeal. The floors are easy to clean and provide high chemical, abrasion and impact resistance while delivering an aesthetically pleasing non-slip terrazzo finish.

The Polyscreed range of products makes use of silver-ion technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. The hygienic advantage is therefore derived not only from daily use of the floor but in the long term, from this technology which slows down the degradation of the floor by micro-organisms.

Polyscreed GHF Terrazzo is a multi-layer system consisting of a concrete primer, the 8-10mm polyurethane terrazzo screed and sealers to protect the floor surface against common stains and abrasive damage.

Technical Finishes, together with their skilled applicators, ensure that they always deliver the desired results, with the just over 1 900m² installation being completed to the customer’s exacting standards.

For more technical flooring solutions, contact Technical Finishes:
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