Customised, easy application wall statements keep décor fresh

by Darren
Customised easy application

CANVEX Customised Wallcanvas makes it easy to transform any room with a statement wall.

CANVEX Customised Wallcanvas is fast becoming a favourite for in-store and indoor design at homes, offices, hotels, estates and restaurants.

An effortless way to make a statement in any interior, it is easy to transform any design or image into a long-lasting but easily replaceable fabric for wall application, that will not shrink or move with weather change. Superior, non-toxic inks and robust, recyclable fabric are used, ensuring functional and durable canvas wallpaper.

CANVEX is simple to apply and just as easy to remove or reposition. With no length restrictions, each CANVEX can be tailor-made to suit a specific design or requirements. Available through Expand a Sign, premium print quality is guaranteed and each CANVEX can be pre-cut to your measurements and specifications.

With this flexible, cost-effective solution, décor can be kept fresh and interiors transformed with ease.

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