Customised décor for events

by Tania Wannenburg
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Ai-Ai specialises in customised décor for events.

Ai-Ai is a boutique décor manufacturing and event styling company. The owner, Kinna van der Westhuizen, has merged her interior design and event management background, artistic flair, and practical experience in décor design and manufacturing to create environments that immerse clients, participants and event attendees into an experience, a lifestyle or an atmosphere.

The company specialises in handmade interior décor pieces, creating items that represent luxury, sophistication and uniqueness. Be it special birthdays, cocktail parties, black tie dinners, theatre productions, intimate weddings or corporate events, Ai-Ai assists clients in creating perfect and precious moments, from the original concept through to the design and execution of an event.

With a constant focus on delivering something unique, Ai-Ai also creates once-off designs and manufactures custom-made décor. A wide variety of sophisticated rental décor is available in small quantities and can be viewed at the Ai-Ai showroom (both virtual and actual).

They also specialise in events, from corporate events, weddings, functions, etc. Ai-Ai is a company that aims to exceed all expectations and strives to surpass their client’s needs and desires in every aspect of their respective events.

For more information visit www.aiai.co.za 

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