Customer-centric flooring company wins Highly Commended Flooring Award

by Tania Wannenburg
Kirk Award

Kirk Marketing was honoured with a Highly Commended award at the 2013 SA Flooring Awards. The company submitted an entry for the 360 Degrees Excellence in Flooring category and the judging panel saw Kirk’s work ethic, customer-centric values and range of products as worthy of an award.

Kirk’s products are well known in the flooring industry as well as the wider construction industry. One of the things that has helped the company continue to acquire and retain valuable, long-term clients is the fact that it goes the extra mile to find a suitable solution for each and every project. Whether it needs to source products or find a bespoke solution, the Kirk team won’t rest until the client is satisfied.

“We’re renowned for our ability to source and supply a suitable product for every project,” explains Michael Kirkland, Managing Director of Kirk Marketing, which is a Level 5 BEE Contributor. Some of the local brands that Kirk Marketing supplies include M.Trim, M.Chem, M.Floors and M.Tools. The company also distributes popular international brands such as Vexcolt, Dural, Bendi, Pedross and Rubi.

“Whether the client needs tile trims, carpet trims, laminate trims, tile cleaners, sealants, strippers or tools – we’ll find the right product for the task at hand. When it comes to flooring accessories, specifically finishing profiles, we’re the people you want to partner with,” adds Kirkland.

Supplying products for all types of projects Kirk Marketing, which won the Tile Africa Supplier of The Year Award in 2011, aims to be able to supply products for a range of projects – not only the multi-billion rand showcase developments. Kirkland explains, “If we want to continue to raise the bar, we know that we have to be able to specify a product for every need, from entry-level projects right up to the top-of-the-range projects. Our motto is never to turn a customer away, while simultaneously striving to remain fiercely competitive, ensuring we have the different ranges for various types of projects.”

Kirkland explains that if the company can’t find the product locally, they will source it for their clients – even if this means importing the product from overseas. “We have seventeen years of experience and knowledge in the trim industry. Our dedication to becoming the leader in the industry through commitment to our products, clients and staff means that we are continually innovating and reinventing ourselves in order to meet client expectations. We, the Kirk family, give our heart and soul to the flooring industry and therefore feel confident that we will be able to remain ahead of the game,” concludes Kirkland.

For further information: 011 444 1441 / 021 949 2226 / 031 564 1175 / 088 031 564 1143 / info@kirk.co.za / www.kirk.co.za

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