Custom-stained flooring system in Serengeti

by Tania Wannenburg
Suntups Jnl1.14

Suntups Wooden Flooring, which is now part of FloorworX, was contracted to provide a total of 1 125m2 Super Engineered French Oak Prefinished (ABCD) 20/6x140x400-1830 for the newly built permanent tented camp called Lemala Camps in Northern Serengeti.

What makes this project intriguing is the fact that the camp area, which is the ancestral home of the Kuria tribe, is virtually impossible to find for those who are not in the know. After three years of extensive research and groundwork, the location of each of the 10 luxury tents was selected. Each tent is shaded by mature trees or framed by boulders and designed with a raised deck, plunge pool, indoor and outdoor showers and a bath with a view.

The floors that Suntups provided were custom-stained according to the colour requested by the architect and laid on a ply substructure covered with SABS 250 micron plastic. The installation system, namely Elastilon Basic 3mm, was chosen because it allowed the floor layout of the tent to be installed without finishing profiles in the entrances. 

Elastilon, which is a semi-floating flooring system, also allows the flooring to freely expand and contract, which means that it will be able to accommodate any movement from the large humidity swings that are experienced in this part of the Serengeti.

During the installation phase, Suntups trained some of the local workforce on how to successfully install tongue-and-groove flooring on Elastilon. The local workforce helped with the first five tents and the Suntups team completed the remaining five tents on their own.

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