Custom-created, clear security barriers

by Tania Wannenburg
Custom created clear security

Thanks to Trellidor Clear Guard, your beautifully designed buildings can be carefully secured without the clutter of metal bars.


Safety and security is of paramount importance to many residential and commercial clients. Now, thanks to Trellidor Clear Guard, your beautifully designed buildings can be carefully secured without the clutter of metal bars.

The Trellidor Clear Guard range makes attractive physical security a reality. The main feature of Trellidor Clear Guard barriers lies in its construction. A stainless steel woven mesh panel is encased by an aluminium frame. This high-tensile panel makes up the bulk of the security barrier and gives it its see-through properties. The eye sees beyond the mesh and one hardly notices the barrier.

Each Trellidor Clear Guard security screen is custom-made to fit alongside the door or window it is going to protect, and the barriers can be formatted for any type of window, door, patio or passage. Some of the popular configurations include French doors and windows, hinged doors, sash windows, sliding doors and windows, bi-fold patio doors and casement and awning windows, among others.

Multi-purpose protection
While the primary role of this range is barrier security, there are several other benefits that Trellidor Clear Guard has to offer. The tightly woven mesh screen protects the building’s occupants from mosquitoes, which has made Trellidor Clear Guard screens popular in areas where malaria is prevalent. The mesh screen also blocks other insects and animals such as monkeys, baboons, snakes and rodents.

Environmentally sensitive
Trellidor Clear Guard Screens have been tested according to international standards. Tests have shown that internal temperatures can be brought down by as much as 3% and diminish the harsh effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays by as much as 60%. This will reduce the amount of artificial cooling that is needed, as well as the damaging effects that the sun has on furniture, blinds, curtains and carpets.

Wind tunnel tests have shown the screens provide up to a 40% reduction in the effect of wind, and can stop sand and dust from beaches, dunes or new-home construction sites from blowing indoors.

Where to buy the product
Trellidor Clear Guard is manufactured exclusively by Trellidor. It is available through official Trellidor franchises in South Africa as well as throughout Africa. Seeing as the product is custom-made for each project, technically proficient measuring, design and installation are needed.

Trellidor Clear Guard
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Email: enquiries@trellidor.co.za
Website: www.trellidor.co.za

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