Curvy new office for Capitec

by Ofentse Sefolo
Curvy new office for Capitec

Currently operating from multiple buildings in scattered locations in the same business park, Capitec Bank has decided to consolidate its head office into one building in Technopark in Stellenbosch – one that will be custom-designed for and owned by the company, thereby increasing operational efficiencies.

Dhk Architects, designed the building, taking into account Capitec’s current occupancy and planned growth. A number of key concepts have also been considered, namely the identity of the brand, internal flow and green initiatives such as water saving, energy saving and air quality.

The 21 500m², single three-storey building will be situated on two vacant and adjacent plots of land on the northwest edge of Technopark.

Designed with a wide open-plan floor plate that “loops” around a central triple-volume atrium, the loop adopts a fluid curvilinear form that shifts along its length, capitalising on the property’s 360-degree views. The floor plates are connected across the atrium by a series of feature bridges and staircases to promote interactivity between departments. The facades of the building were developed to accentuate the linear looped form with a simple ribbon of fenestration that responds to the ever-changing orientation of the building.


A future forward interior
Looking to the future and considering the dynamic nature of the business, the interior utilises best practices in modern workplace design. The building will enable a high level of interaction amongst business units whilst providing flexibility, adaptability and agility. In addition to workstations, the office will include a central canteen, coffee stations and a Capitec Bank branch.

Peter Stokes, director at dhk and lead architect on the project, says: “Capitec encouraged input from the architects and interior designers to incorporate the latest workplace trends. To future-proof the design of the building, a flexible and agile approach was taken. The flow within the building supports a high degree of interaction and collaboration between business units and the executives.”

Simple and sophisticated in its design with light open spaces, the building will facilitate departmental and executive interactivity and ultimately efficiency. Capitec’s head office is set to be completed in February 2020.

Tel: 021 421 6803
Website: www.dhk.co.za

Caption main image: dhk designed the new head office for Capitec Bank, with a wide open-plan floor plate that “loops” around a central triple-volume atrium, capitalising on the property’s 360-degree views.

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