The healthcare industry is a world of constant change. Industry research is driving the shift, not just in design but also in what a healthcare facility offers. Armstrong Flooring partnered with research firm WGSN to identify how and why trends are changing in healthcare.

There are four trends impacting the healthcare industry: Hospitals and healthcare systems as brands; workplace wellness, sustainability and the silver wave.

Hospitals and healthcare systems as brands

From storytelling to elaborate welcoming lobbies, the way hospitals present themselves to the public is rapidly changing, especially in light of rapid healthcare system consolidation. Hospitals are using strategic branding to change the perception of a hospital visit to a more welcoming experience.

First impressions from the outside count with colourful facades and long breezeways to welcome guests. Hospital rooms are designed to be comfortable, where the comfort of the patient’s family is considered too.

Hospital rooms are designed to be comfortable, where the comfort of the patient’s family is considered too

Some branding is bold and obvious, while others are more subtle. A simple and beautiful way to incorporate branded colours throughout a building is with the Custom Colour LVT program using Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology. Beginning with a Spettro base, custom mixer accents are added for subtle colour that can match branding throughout a healthcare facility.

In areas where vinyl sheet flooring is desired as a seamless flooring solution, hospital colour schemes can be implemented into practical wayfinding applications as well.

Workplace wellness

Research is increasingly showing the benefit of wellness in the workplace, and surveys indicate that more and more employees are seeking wellness as a benefit. This includes mental wellness and employers are responding by including spaces that offer employees solitary moments of quiet reflection. Employees recognise key design features, as they help support emotional well-being.

These spaces are designed with natural elements in mind. The colours complement biophilic design with a focus on sustainability and wellness.

Spaces offer employees solitary moments of quiet reflection


As climate change becomes a growing area of concern, sustainability has developed into a vital part of the building process and day-to-day operations. A survey of Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010) showed a personal obligation regarding their carbon footprint, and they value transparency and sustainability efforts. Organisations and healthcare facilities are planning for the future.

Medical centres have begun developing green roofs to help regulate building temperatures and reduce energy costs. Some facilities collect and filter rainwater to irrigate property landscaping. A growing number of healthcare spaces are even achieving net-zero energy consumption where wood-powered boilers are used as opposed to natural gas.

The silver wave

The importance of planning ahead for the influx of an aging generation remains. The design of senior living and elder care centres continues to evolve. Centres are being designed to mimic a resort, while co-living spaces for seniors are another option that is becoming more popular.

Creativity and innovation will be necessary to solve the issue of a rising senior population in decades to come. Innovation like Diamond 10 Technology and the evolution of Rigid Core flooring can provide a solid foundation, offering flooring solutions that reflect the warmth and comfort of home with the durability needed in a busy healthcare environment.

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