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Flooring is one of the largest elements of the exterior and plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of a space, yet it is often overlooked and its colour is hardly considered, apart from a practical perspective. Some consideration of the flooring colour can make a significant difference to the external scheme.

Current exterior flooring trends include textures incorporating the use of wood composite such as Eva-Last composite decking, and natural elements like stone and steel. With the combination of garden structures and/or green walls, a building’s exterior can be used to showcase environmental consciousness. Natural shades (shades of grey, blue, green, yellow-brown tones, dark or bright accents) and even textured façades are trending.

Natural looking materials are the future

Natural looking materials that make a positive contribution to the environment have made a welcome return. Recycling and upcycling, like the reuse of materials, are trending. Eva-Last composite is a highly efficient low-maintenance product made using recyclable waste plastic and easily replenishable bamboo fibre.

Combining natural looking materials and textures, stone and wood with minimalism, clear and concise lines, large open spaces and large panoramic windows is becoming popular. Spaces are also being developed to create a “living outdoors” feel, using all space available. Thus, there is a movement towards including more of the outdoors in everyday living spaces, often incorporating outdoor building materials indoors.

Sustainability, the way forward

It’s key to consider what materials are being used in the composition of products and whether they are sustainable and sustainably sourced. Another important consideration is the impact the product has on the environment. Does the product last, does it make use of harmful chemicals, does it require replacement after a certain period and what implications does that have on the environment?

Customers are looking for greener more efficient, cost-effective solutions that require little upkeep.

Sustainability is a big factor in a person’s overall purchase decision, not only in terms of the application having a low environmental impact, but if it is sustainable from the source of raw materials to the manufacturing process. In the case of Eva-Last, all their composite building products are sourced and manufactured sustainably using recyclable raw materials and solar power to produce low impact composite profiles that require little to no maintenance.

Minimise environmental impact

Quartz Carpet – Val de Vie Estate, Western Cape

Another popular product, Quartz Carpet, is widely used in interior and exterior flooring systems. The quartz stone is environmentally sourced from their partner in Belgium in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 plant. Long-term durability, cost-effectiveness, minimal maintenance as well as flooring that is easy on the environment is gaining momentum. Find a product that is stored, handled, installed, and disposed of in compliance with all environmental laws to reduce pollution or environmental impact.

Quartz Carpet practices environmental responsibility according to sustainability concepts developed in the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LED) programme. Quartz Carpet contributes to environmental sustainability and the aggregates, binders and finished flooring systems used contribute to the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) credits.

Material use and reasons why

It is important to seek composite materials that offer durability, sustainability and low maintenance. Developers require ease of installation, cost-efficiency, low environmental impact, longevity and low maintenance.

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