With continuously rising energy costs, the need to insulate has never been more evident or beneficial. Technopol SA (Pty.) Ltd. is a specialist in energy-saving material and has a solution to ensure buildings are thermally efficient, which reduces their carbon footprint. The company offers a wide range of walling, flooring, roofing insulation solutions and exterior cladding products. 

 Reducing energy costs


Technopol EIFS with LiteCladTM metal cladding.

 The impact of the placement of thermal insulation within the building envelope and insulation interaction with thermally massive components are commonly misunderstood. Thermal insulation placed towards the outside of the building performs much better if there is significant variability in the ambient temperature.  

 Referred to as the diurnal temperature swing and even summer to winter variation, most populated areas in South Africa fall in this group. Placing the insulation towards the outside will result in a big thermal time constant for the wall in terms of heat loss to the outside. This, in turn, results in a bigger than expected reactive R-value. 


Curb rising energy costs with insulation

 Focus areas 

  • Agricultural sectors. 
  • Residential. 
  • Commercial construction. 
  • Renovations. 

 International standards and installation 

 Terraco EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system), combined with the Technopol SA insulation system, is the first South African system to have passed the International Standard, BS 8414-2 Facade Fire Test. Alternatively, LiteClad™ metal cladding can be applied over the exterior insulation layer with the appropriate vapour barrier.  

Issue: Rising energy costs in areas with high variability in the ambient temperature.

Solution: Insulation placed towards the outside reduces heat loss, thereby reducing energy costs.

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