Crumbling roof skilfully waterproofed

by Tania Wannenburg
Crumbling roof skilfully waterproofing SIKA

Sika’s waterproofer and bonding agent, Cemflex, was applied to repair the severely deteriorating concrete roof of the Foskor office building in Phalaborwa.

The severely deteriorating concrete roof of the Foskor office building in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, called for an urgent intervention to halt the decay and waterproof the surface. Foskor’s office in Phalaborwa houses its mining division responsible for mining and processing phosphate rock concentrate.

Sika’s universal waterproofer and bonding agent, Cemflex, was specified for the project.

Cemflex is an acrylic-based emulsion which, when mixed with Portland cement and water, forms an effective waterproofing slurry that is used in conjunction with Cemflex Fabric. Cemflex is non-toxic, oil-resistant and ultraviolet (UV) stable, and is also suitable for use in reservoirs, showers, balconies and retaining walls.

Malton Trading was the contractor appointed by Foskor to ensure the correct application of Cemflex and Cemflex Fabric. Since some parts of the 850m² concrete roof were in fact crumbling, these areas necessitated the application of a bonding coat using only the Cemflex slurry. This slurry can also be used for waterproofing between two skins of external brick walling.

In the end, 1 500 litres of Sika’s Cemflex (60 x 25 litres) were applied while 1  000m² of Cemflex Fabric were used, guaranteeing that the Foskor roof has been waterproofed and sealed with  a durable, high-quality solution that will protect the building for many years to come.

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