Creative strength with glass mosaics

by Darren
TFC Jnl 4 15

Exciting glass mosaic products are available in South Africa and create a new trend for the flooring industry in terms of innovative technology.

After 30 years of combining tradition with artistic blends, Vidrepur Glass Mosaic, leaders in producing and distributing glass mosaics, are proud to highlight their expertise, avant-garde designs and innovation.

Vidrepur glass mosaic is considered the perfect solution for spaces that – in addition to specific technical characteristics – also require modern and appealing visual effects.

As the official distributor of Vidrepur, Tile & Floor Care is now able to offer the South African market glass mosaic products that are 100% manufactured in Spain. Since its formation in 1988, this manufacturer has been driven by a genuine care for the environment, with its products consisting of 99% recycled glass. Vidrepur Mosaic’s manufacturing and distribution processes contribute to a significant reduction in the impact that the construction industry has on the environment.

The company also sets trends by offering innovative textures and colours in mosaics of the highest quality and standards. Vidrepur mosaic has a wide range of applications for interior decoration such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, spas and wellness centres.

It has also been used in swimming pools. Vidrepur collections are designed especially for this as it enables decorative fun and aquatic spaces that are unique and innovative in hotels, resorts, apartments, etc.

In addition to the above, Vidrepur offers anti-slip mosaics that are manufactured especially for wet-loaded, barefoot areas, pool surrounds, showers, saunas, stairs, ramps and children’s pools. As safety plays an important role in such areas, it is a significant advantage that Vidrepur products are certified to comply with all applicable safety standards.

Another remarkable product available is Fireglass, a mosaic that has the capacity to glow in the dark after exposure to a light source, thereby creating unique visual and artistic effects. Under normal lighting, this mosaic appears as it would without any other special lighting effects.

Innovation drives technology in all of these mosaic products and offers the industry a broad range of exciting ideas and developments in flooring.

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