Creative Commercial Floor Coating

by Darren
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The success of any flooring application lies in its performance, and when an installation has more benefits than can be mentioned, you know that it is reputable.

Designed to provide large-scale commercial spaces with a customisable flooring option, Flowcrete South Africa’s seamless resin terrazzo Mondéco range combines luxurious aesthetics with hardwearing and hygienic properties.

This highly decorative, solvent-free, epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish incorporates decorative aggregates such as clear crystal, glass, mother of pearl and metal to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface while the flexible design possibilities of the product mean architects can design bespoke patterns into the floor finish.

Flowcrete’s premium decorative flooring range with its visually pleasing designs can significantly enhance the working environment of any building and is well suited to environments where both design and durability are of paramount concern.

Seamless resin terrazzo is renowned for delivering the ultimate in design potential, with its unlimited colour pallet able to provide a unique and tailored finish for every project. Its versatile material ensures that it can be precast for use on stair treads and risers as well as for wall coving. In fact, the Mondéco Crystal system was even used by Alexander McQueen in its Beijing store to create a curved staircase and a unique ‘floating’ display table top to present a unified, seamless look across the store.

Furthermore, Mondéco can be installed in a variety of complicated patterns. Precision-cut forms using brass or aluminium trims are laid on the surface of the floor in a matrix that designates each area of the design. Thereafter the Mondéco material is applied into the blocks in a paint-by-numbers style and ground to reveal a smooth, colourful and glittering finished surface.

The hardwearing nature of the system ensures that it can retain this attractive appearance in the face of continuous and heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for commercial spaces that need to continuously present an attractive appearance despite large numbers of people and intense working conditions.

In addition, the seamless nature of the Mondéco terrazzo range makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain, consequently lending itself to highly trafficked public environments such as airports, railway terminals, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. The impervious finish makes it easy to remove dirt and contaminants from an area and it also improves indoor air quality by inhibiting microbial growth.

Terrazzo systems have a low slip potential in accordance with HSE and UKSRG guidelines – an advantage in environments with heavy footfall, as such flooring provides public facilities and their customers with greater protection against unfortunate slips, trips and falls.

Due to its longevity, Mondéco terrazzo flooring is a cost-effective material, as the initial outlay can be divided into many years of reliable service. If the recommended simple cleaning and maintenance routine is adhered to, these floors can last in excess of 30 years.

The success of Flowcrete’s epoxy terrazzo flooring system lies in its performance, and has been installed at a number of large-scale, landmark commercial developments across the world, including Dublin Airport, Singapore’s Iluma Urban Entertainment Centre, Médiacite Liège in Belgium and the UAE’s Sharjah Megamall.

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